Hometown: Prague, Czech Republic

Klára finished her sociology studies at Charles University in 2015. Her master’s degree was focused on qualitative research.  She spent one year coordinating international projects in a marketing research company. Currently she works at Locus and she has also a second job - growing flowers in an ecological flower farm near Prague. She is interested in experiential education and she organizes self-development camps for young people. She also loves arts and is going to start her own artistic workshops (hopefully some at Locus!).

Occupation: Community manager at Locus, florist and gardener at Kytky od potoka.

Field of Study: Sociology

Why did you decide to work as a florist?
I was looking for a job I could love and I found Kytky od potoka. It is an old farm in Velké Přílepy with a flower field and I take care of the flowers and also arrange the bouquets. I like to work outside and spend time in the nature. I really enjoy it but I also like to organize events and be surrounded by people. That is why I decided to work at Locus.

Why did you decide to apply to work at Locus?
I organized an event at Locus few years ago and I liked it here.  I was looking for a second job to combine with flowers, because it is really physically demanding and I found an ad on Locus Facebook page.

How do you manage your time having two jobs?
I think the combination will work well, I can spend two days a week with people in Locus and  two days alone in the nature with flowers. On Fridays I will work on the workshops and my own projects.

What kind of responsibilities do you have as Community and Event Manager? 
I take care of the place and people working here. I will help to build the community and make people feel at home. I am also looking forward to organizing events. 

Did you already have an idea of what a coworking space was before you joined Locus?
Yes, some of my friends work other coworking spaces in Prague and Brno so I took part in some events there. 

How do you fit in at Locus?
I feel welcomed and supported by others. The atmosphere is relaxed. I feel as a part of community already after 3 days here. I am slowly falling in love with this place.

What are the benefits of working at Locus?
One of the best things for me is that people come here because they want to. It makes the feeling much different from my past work experience in a big company. There are many events I can join, for example yoga, which happens every week. My work makes sense. I like to support people working on their projects. It is a good source of inspiration. I also enjoy to be in an international community and practice other languages than Czech.

What is your favorite part about Locus and why?
I like that Locus has a real community and people do care about each other. I feel that I can be myself here.