The Human Touch in Digital Marketing

Coworkers at Locus Workspace in Prague
This article “Customers Need a Human Touch in Digital Marketing” put out by interested me, so I thought I’d share the key points and a link if you want to read the entire article.

In a nutshell: pick up the phone, or skype, or have live webchats, or meet with people in person when possible.

Other pearls of wisdom:

Question the value of your technology
·       Resist relying too much on technology. Balance technology and automation with common sense and sensitivity to customers.
·       Often marketers rely too much on their own silos of data and don’t include a wide variety of data sources
·       Analytics work best when data silos in the organization are reduced, and different perspectives are used to create analytical models

Genuinely connect with people
·       Customers want to talk to and do business with people, not organizations or brands.
·       Buying decisions often include an emotional component that is best influenced by interactions with the people in a company
·       Establish sincere relationships with customers and build trust with person to person communication
·       Companies that deliver better individualized experiences to their customers are more likely to outperform competitors in sales and revenue, as well as retaining customers for the long term

Learn to listen and let the customer speak
·       Listen well, be empathetic. 
·       Ask questions to understand more about what the customer needs and wants
·       Interactive communications with customers require respect, full attention and sincerity
·       Invite customers to share their experiences and interesting moments with products and services or interactions with various people in the company.
·       Make it easy for customers to tell their own stories

Make communication with customers a priority
·       Invest in resources that facilitate responding well to customer needs
·       Protect customer privacy
·       Companies more effectively reach customers through continuous data collection and analytics, and realistic customer segmentation and personas

Provide quality content 
      ·       Become a trusted resource for information, guidance and ideas that help customers 
 ·        Marketing is not about the brand