Prague Metro System A Beautiful Thing for Locus Workers

The longest escalator in Europe at the Naměsti Miru Metro Station
During our weekly lunch, Locus workers compared notes about the best metro systems. This is the kind of conversation you can have over lunch at Locus, because Locus workers come from all around the world and many have traveled widely. Metro stations in Singapore and Moscow were given high marks, but our own Prague metro gained many kudos as well. One interesting fact is that the Metro at Naměsti Miru (Peace Square) has the deepest station in the EU (before and after Brexit). It is 53 meters below ground and features an escalator ride that takes two minutes and 15 seconds to go from the top to the bottom. Having lived in that area with a two-year old, I will add that it is common practice to just push your kid in the stroller onto the escalator and hold on. I never had any mishaps doing this, but my American friends were horrified.