The Czech Republic is the Sixth Most Peaceful Country

Good news! According to the Annual Global Peace Index, the Czech Republic is pretty darn peaceful, placing 6th out of 81 countries. In 2015 it was in 10th place, so it has gained peace or, more likely, other countries have become more violent. The countries ahead of the Czech Republic are 1) Iceland, 2) Denmark, 3) Austria, 4) New Zealand, and 5) Portugal. Some of the factors that make Czechia so tranquil include: low homicide rates, lack of violent crime, lack of internal conflict, difficult access to weapons, low military expenditure and good relations with neighboring countries. Interestingly, our friends in Slovakia placed an unimpressive 24th. The lowest three were, you may have guessed, Syria, South Sudan and Iraq. The safe environment in Prague, where it is common for people to walk alone at night, makes it a great place to work and live.


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