Locus Worker Stays Sane by Listening to "Ma Vlast"

Recently a Locus Worker was put on hold for five hours taking care of some bureaucratic details. Fortunately, he kept his sanity by listening to Bedrich Smetena's beautiful and evocative Ma Vlast (My Country). Ma Vlast is a series of symphonic poems that reflect some aspect of Czech countryside, history, or culture. It is dear to the hearts of most Czechs, and if it isn't, it should be. It is truly a masterpiece, made all the more poignant by the fact that Smetana started composing the poems after he began losing his hearing. He was "noticeably deaf" when composing five of the six poems. Fortunately for us, like Beethoven, the music came from a deep part of his inner self and he did not need to hear to keep composing. He was never able to physically hear his most famous work, however.

To hear "Ma Vlast" and see some nice photos of Prague, visit:


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