Subscribe to just the parts of the blog that interest you most

I was talking to a friend of a friend about wanting to start blogging about things related to productive work and the environments that promote it, so that this blog could develop some appeal for people who don't necessarily care about Locus Workspace itself, but do care about productive work and the environments that help promote it (or something like that).

He made the insightful point that he's struggling with information overload as it is, and would love it if there were a way to just subscribe to the part of the blog about Locus Workspace itself. He wants to keep up on Locus and its development, but he doesn't have that much interest in other related topics.

He made a good point. I'd hate for people that actually like some of the information in this blog to unsubscribe or just start ignoring it because the fraction of information that they want to follow is dwarfed by loads of information they don't. Such a good point that I thought there must something out there that makes that option possible, so I searched for it and came across this blog post:

The long and the short of it is that blogger (who provides the backend for this blog) already makes it possible to just subscribe to individual keywords/labels associated with blog posts. It doesn't work exactly as described in the blog post just referenced. In blogger, you have to click on the label (so, let's say you click on "firsts", you'll come to this url: To make that a feed you can subscribe to, you need to replace /search/label/ with /feeds/posts/default/-/, so that the RSS feed url would be

Of course, this feature is useless for blog readers if the labels themselves aren't used systematically so you know you won't miss blog posts you want because I'm not consistent with my label usage. That's ultimately good news: it forces me to become systematic about my label use. As such, I'm going to provide a list of labels that readers can individually subscribe to in the right margin of the blog. I'll use other more-specific, less-systematic labels for particular blog posts, but I'll be sure to use these labels, too (note this is just a preliminary list and will surely change as I get more clear about which labels work best):

1) coworking: any reference to the coworking world and its relatives (e.g., jellies or writers spaces), not specifically about Locus Workspace
2) design: any reference to workspace design not specifically about Locus.
3) achievement: any reference to increased productivity, goal achievement, or reaching one's potental not specifically about Locus

Each of these topics will be paired with a second label indicating the kind of information being provided:
4) reports: any reference to news, media, websites, studies, etc. that I've come across and think are relevant to the coworking world and its relatives , workspace design, or goal achievement for people curious about Locus Workspace.
5) analysis: any of my own ideas, commentary, or analysis relevant to the coworking world and its relatives (e.g., jellies or writers spaces) , workspace design, or goal achievement.
6) technology: any reference to software, hardware, or other technology associated with the coworking world and its relatives (e.g., jellies or writers spaces) , workspace design, or goal achievement.

Unfortunately, you'll have to subscribe to the whole label, so you can't just get technology related to achievement. If you want technology, it might be about design, achievement, or coworking. If you want coworking, it might be reports, analysis, or technology.

7) locus: This is for any posts specifically about Locus, it's members, changes to the space, events, etc.

Locus posts will always be paired with one or more additional labels indicating the particular topic:

8) members: information about members of the workspace.
9) events: information about events
10) updates: information about changes or new features at Locus.

If you subscribe to locus, you'll get information about members, events, or updates, but if you just want to know about one of those subcategories, you can subscribe just to them.

11) blog_faq: this is for posts about the blog and how to use the blog, such as this post.

12) Local: this is for posts about things specific to Prague, the Czech Republic, or other things in the area, like if I'm referring to other coworking spaces in Prague, or some event in Prague I think are worth knowing about.

13) personal: this is for posts about the Locus Workspace owners or managers that might be relevant to people following Locus (like the last post about our new son).