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The C in Coworking Space Also Stands for Community

We're excited to be "syndicating" a blog post from Robin Terrell's amazing blog on the future of work (with a particular emphasis on the location-independent variety): The Global Mobile Worker. This post in particular was meaningful to us because it's about the meaning of community, and in particular the community Robin found (and helped create! - Thanks, Robin!) at Locus.

Along with creating this blog and being a member of Locus, Robin is a Berkeley-educated lawyer, a writer (her book, Two Broke Chicas--a travelogue about her adventures traveling around Central & South America, Mexico, and Cuba with her partner--is available on Amazon), a technology / startup junkie, a proud Amazon employee.
We're excited to be able to share her blog post here...

When I first arrived in town I used Meetup to find people who shared common interest. That led me straight to Locus Co-working space. Once in the door, I quickly connected with both the startup community and the …

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