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Hometown: Prague, Czech Republic

Klára finished her sociology studies at Charles University in 2015. Her master’s degree was focused on qualitative research.  She spent one year coordinating international projects in a marketing research company. Currently she works at Locus and she has also a second job - growing flowers in an ecological flower farm near Prague. She is interested in experiential education and she organizes self-development camps for young people. She also loves arts and is going to start her own artistic workshops (hopefully some at Locus!).
Occupation: Community manager at Locus, florist and gardener at Kytky od potoka.

Field of Study: Sociology

Why did you decide to work as a florist?
I was looking for a job I could love and I found Kytky od potoka. It is an old farm in Velké Přílepy with a flower field and I take care of the flowers and also arrange the bouquets. I like to work outside and spend time in the nature. I really enjoy it but I also like to organize events a…

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