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R.I.P. Locus-Muzeum: Part I-SADNESS

It is with great SADNESS, great RELIEF, and great OPTIMISM that we announce the closing of Locus-Muzeum,  Locus's first coworking space.Locus-Muzeum closed its doors on April 15, 2017, after just under 7 years of operation. Don't worry: Locus Workspace is NOT closing. Our 2nd location at Slezská 45 in Vinohrady is going strong and this was undoubtedly a positive move for Locus. Why three such distinct emotions? And why wait so long to tell the story of why we closed?

This first of three blog posts tells the story of sadness. The next two will tell the stories of relief and optimism, hopefully conveying why sadness, despite its centrality, gives way to the more positive emotions of relief and optimism.

Mafia Night. Thank you, Nadya, for making Mafia Nights an unqualified success;
my favorite social activity at Locus, hands down.
There are many obvious reasons one might feel bad about closing the doors of one's business: a sense of personal failure, financial los…

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