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Buy, sell, trade, give in Prague: Best options for English-speakers

Looking for the best online to buy, sell, trade, or give away stuffin Prague, but don't speak Czech?Don't use Craig's List. If you hail from the U.S., you might have noticed that Craigslist has a Prague page. You might also have noticed it is basically dead. Not worth your time. Don't expect the best prices. Since the English-speaking market is much smaller than the Czech market, prices are less rational. Some used items successfully sell for more than they would cost new. Others don't sell at all at a fraction of the price that they're going for on Czech-language markets.
If you're buying (not selling), and you're looking for new (not 2nd hand), scroll to the bottom header for some recommended options.
The best English-language 2nd-hand online shopping tools for Prague:

The popular mobile app is widely used here. For finding nearby goods to buy and sell, it's probably your best option. As long as you install the English-language version you should b…

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