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Lenka Černáková: My Internship at Locus Workspace

Lenka Černáková was a community manager at Locus for almost a year, and we're very happy to announce that she came back this summer!

Lenka recently shared her personal experience of what it's like to work and be a part of a coworking space, writing a guest blog post for The Global Mobile Worker, a blog about the future of work (that happens to have been created by another Locus member, the amazing Robin Terrell).

We're reposting it here because it's a nice story about what it's like to work at a coworking space, and particularly at Locus, and we hope it will be useful for people thinking about doing this kind of work in the future. 

Thank you, Robin, for letting us repost, and thanks most of all to you, Lenka, for sharing your story with others who might soon be in your shoes!

My Internship at Coworking Locus Workspace Usually, the first big step before you start your career and get „the real job“ or start your own business, or decide you want to go travel the world, or…

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