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Intern Profile: Julie Cantrel

Hometown: Hersin-Coupigny, France

After getting a high school degree in Economics, Julie decided to enroll in a business school in the North of France (ISCID-CO) to study International Marketing and E-Business. She got her Bachelor's degree with Honours and pursued her studies in the same area to get a Master's degree. She has never worked in a coworking space before but she is very interested in discovering how it works and really enjoys cross-cultural environments.

Occupation: Intern/Student

Field of Study: International Marketing and E-Business

Why did you decide to study International Marketing and e-Business?
I have always wanted to study something related to languages or with an international dimension. When I was in my final year in high school, I talked with a girl who was studying marketing. She explained to me what she was doing at school and I realised it was what I wanted to study. Therefore I started to look for international business schools so I could both improv…

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