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Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Human Touch in Digital Marketing

Coworkers at Locus Workspace in Prague
This article “Customers Need a Human Touch in Digital Marketing” put out by interested me, so I thought I’d share the key points and a link if you want to read the entire article.

In a nutshell: pick up the phone, or skype, or have live webchats, or meet with people in person when possible.

Other pearls of wisdom:

Question the value of your technology
·       Resist relying too much on technology. Balance technology and automation with common sense and sensitivity to customers.
·       Often marketers rely too much on their own silos of data and don’t include a wide variety of data sources
·       Analytics work best when data silos in the organization are reduced, and different perspectives are used to create analytical models

Genuinely connect with people
·       Customers want to talk to and do business with people, not organizations or brands.
·       Buying decisions often include an emotional component that is best influenced by interactions with the people in a company
·       Establish sincere relationships with customers and build trust with person to person communication
·       Companies that deliver better individualized experiences to their customers are more likely to outperform competitors in sales and revenue, as well as retaining customers for the long term

Learn to listen and let the customer speak
·       Listen well, be empathetic. 
·       Ask questions to understand more about what the customer needs and wants
·       Interactive communications with customers require respect, full attention and sincerity
·       Invite customers to share their experiences and interesting moments with products and services or interactions with various people in the company.
·       Make it easy for customers to tell their own stories

Make communication with customers a priority
·       Invest in resources that facilitate responding well to customer needs
·       Protect customer privacy
·       Companies more effectively reach customers through continuous data collection and analytics, and realistic customer segmentation and personas

Provide quality content 
      ·       Become a trusted resource for information, guidance and ideas that help customers 
 ·        Marketing is not about the brand

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Locus Co-Workers in Prague Find Humor in the film Humr (Lobster)

Locus co-workers recently attended a showing of the dystopian film Lobster (or Humr in Czech) at the Světozor Cinema, which is only three blocks away from Locus Workspace. (One advantage to seeing films in Prague is that many are not dubbed, but rather have subtitles, which allows great acting to emerge no matter what language it is in.) For anyone who has contemplated the impossibility of finding that perfect someone, or who has felt ostracized for being single in a world obsessed with “coupling,” Lobster, as critic Sheila O’Malley notes, “is a welcome breath of freezing cold, poisoned air.”  LMc

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Co Working or Working in a Home Office

I have now experienced both working from home and working from a co-working space.  Both have their advantages and disadvantages. As my business changes from freelancing to bringing others on board to help, a home office is no longer suitable.

In an ideal world having both a home office and a desk in a coworking environment is the best option.  There are days when it would be great just to stay at home and relax more than I would in an office.  Very occasionally I miss having an office at home during the weekends. – I have ended up working weekends three or four times during the year, so it is not a huge drawback going to the office.

The Benefits of a Home Office

I always like the time saving when working from home.  Breakfast, shower, then work – rather than having to spend time going to an office.  I have sometimes found myself not leaving the house for two or three days, I am sure that is not great for my mental welfare.

Young Children and Home Office

My youngest is now nineteen months.  For the first two months, it was great working from home – though I did a lot less work than normal.  To be there to help was good for everyone.

Not Being Around Other People

I can find other people trying.  It is often much easier to separate myself and get on with work.  I have worked in places where co-workers would be highly negative, be very loud, interrupt with a bloody cat video that you really have to watch because it is such a laugh – there are times when people can drive me mad.

However, while working from home I found that a day or two could pass without having a conversation with anyone except my other half in the evening.  Sometimes the isolation was so much that I would walk to the shop just to get out of the house.  So my high points on personal interaction was a brief conversation with a shop assistant.  Not great.


At times I need complete quiet around me for some tasks that require deep concentration or while creating videos.  It is impossible in an open office to have good sound quality on videos while others are talking nearby.

Thankfully the coworking space I inhabit has a meeting room.

High Self Discipline

During the last ten years, I have worked from home about half of the time.  This has created great self-discipline.  No matter what is going on around me I can sit down and get on with the work at hand.

The Benefits of Co-Working

I work now from Locus in Prague.  For my clients, it would make no difference what city I was in.  I have met a few co-workers that use this flexibility to live in and see other cities in Europe.

Professional Environment

Only once while working from home was my office not a spare bedroom. Even then that office turned into a bit of a store room. Due to remotely working with clients I use video and screen share.
I find it embarrassing to have a bed or storage boxes in the background while having calls.  I know many do not like this – but image is hugely important in business, (and in life).  First impression matter.

It does not matter if others are in the background having calls or talking while I am on a call – this is what I expect in any office.

Office Address

Like most other around me, I find most of my business via my website.  I have seen competitors use their home address on their website.  It does not look professional; at least a virtual membership in a coworking space looks after this aspect.

Additionally, most coworking spaces are in the centre of cities.  This makes it easier to meet with clients.

Google local is likely the most important part of SEO for many smaller local businesses. It is much better to turn up in these searches in the middle of a city with higher search volume than in some small village or town.

Everything is Organised

The internet connection is fast and I never have to touch it.  The coffee machine works and I never have to clean it.  The trash is emptied and I never have to think about it.  You get the picture.
A large amount of trivial items that have to be organised in your own office are there and working.  This lets me just get on with work, instead of making lists of things that need to be done that steal away my time.

Being Around Other People

I run a few websites and an SEO company.  Ideas come more often when interacting with others.  I get information from people about tools for writing, publishing, project management, the list is endless.  I understand that I can look up this information online.  Running websites has imbued me with a lack of trust in most information online – everyone has an agenda – as one of my philosophy lecturers who was also a priest told me, as I was arguing about his agenda.

We started a mastermind group that includes six members.  We meet every two weeks, talk about problems, set goals, and are held accountable for these.  This has improved my work tremendously forcing me to regularly review goals and stick with them.

Separation of Work and Home

I have been out of my home office and back in coworking for the last three months. This has been the biggest advantage - when I am at home I am not thinking about work and at work I am not thinking of home.

While working at home, sometime during breakfast my head would move into work and I was less present for my family.  Lunch could be a challenge to talk about non-work related subjects.  I would eat my lunch and head right back to my office.

Now I find myself talking more with my other half during lunch on the phone than I did while working at home – who would have guessed?

Better Concentration Skills

Over time, concentration skills become better if you work in environments that are not completely quiet.  This can be difficult in the beginning and some perseverance is required.  But you can end up being able to work anywhere, which is a great habit to develop.

I have made my choice, working in the company of other people is more stimulating, encouraging, and motivational for my temperament. Leslie writes on his own blog, but more often on his company website.

Prague a Major Destination for Chinese Visitors

Locus Workspace workers have long known something that the Chinese are just discovering: Prague is a great place to visit! The number of Chinese visitors to Prague has increased by 35% since 2014 with almost 300,000 visitors a year. In fact, Prague is almost as popular as London as a destination. LMc

Friday, July 1, 2016

Prague Metro System A Beautiful Thing for Locus Workers

The longest escalator in Europe at the Naměsti Miru Metro Station
During our weekly lunch, Locus workers compared notes about the best metro systems. This is the kind of conversation you can have over lunch at Locus, because Locus workers come from all around the world and many have traveled widely. Metro stations in Singapore and Moscow were given high marks, but our own Prague metro gained many kudos as well. One interesting fact is that the Metro at Naměsti Miru (Peace Square) has the deepest station in the EU (before and after Brexit). It is 53 meters below ground and features an escalator ride that takes two minutes and 15 seconds to go from the top to the bottom. Having lived in that area with a two-year old, I will add that it is common practice to just push your kid in the stroller onto the escalator and hold on. I never had any mishaps doing this, but my American friends were horrified.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Locus Worker Stays Sane by Listening to "Ma Vlast"

Recently a Locus Worker was put on hold for five hours taking care of some bureaucratic details. Fortunately, he kept his sanity by listening to Bedrich Smetena's beautiful and evocative Ma Vlast (My Country). Ma Vlast is a series of symphonic poems that reflect some aspect of Czech countryside, history, or culture. It is dear to the hearts of most Czechs, and if it isn't, it should be. It is truly a masterpiece, made all the more poignant by the fact that Smetana started composing the poems after he began losing his hearing. He was "noticeably deaf" when composing five of the six poems. Fortunately for us, like Beethoven, the music came from a deep part of his inner self and he did not need to hear to keep composing. He was never able to physically hear his most famous work, however.

To hear "Ma Vlast" and see some nice photos of Prague, visit: